The nodes that you work with inside of Molecular Nodes are pre-defined in a MN_data_file.blend file that is included with the add-on. When a node is added, it is appended to the current file to be used by you. If you wish to change how a node behaves, you can Tab into the node group to change the internals, and Ctrl + Tab to leave the node group.

The nodes are shared between node trees, so if you change the internals of the ‘Cartoon’ node then this will change how it works for every node tree in your .blend file. If you wish to create changes that are only for a single node tree, you can create a copy of it first before making changes by doing the following:

  1. Right click on the node and select Show / Hide -> Node Options
  2. Click the Make Copy icon to the right of the node group’s name
  3. It will create a duplicate node group called Style Cartoon.001 for example, which you can now freely edit without changing the other Style Cartoon node groups.